Arrowsmith Community Justice Society
"Our Vision is a Community in Harmony"
established: 1999
Contact Information:
Telephone:      250-954-2968

Address:         727 West Island Highway
                         Parksville, BC, V9P 1B9

Email:              director@

Each case is assigned a conference team 2 or more facilitators, depending on the number of clients involved in a case.  They will meet with all the clients and their supporters prior to the restorative justice conference.  These meetings will provide the team with all the details of the offence, the needs of each individual to find a resolution and to ensure all parties are willing to proceed.  

Once all pre-conference meetings are completed, a meeting will be arranged at which all parties will attend.  It will be the role of the facilitator to manage the meeting, following a script, making sure each person has the opportunity to speak without interruption, to ask and answer questions posed to them and to ultimately come to an agreed upon resolution which is fair and equitable.

In cases where youth (17 and under) or persons with social barriers are involved, a mentor will be assigned to work with the clients as part of the conference team.   Their role will be entirely with the client and family to which they are assigned and they will act as a guide and support that family until the process is completed.   The mentor will provide the client with information on the process and their rights, assist them through the final meeting and give them support and encouragement to complete their resolution agreement. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Members of the community, applying to become volunteers within the ACJS organization, will be interviewed for program compatibility and a police chek will be organized.   Once approved, training in facilitation or mentorship will be provided by ACJS.  The training is organized to fit with the busy lifestyles of the participants and will provie the skills required to:
Work cooperatively as a member of a team
Act consistently within the organization values & guidelines
Probe clients and co-workers deeply to reach underlying needs
Understand people with different backgrounds and views
Explain concepts and procedures clearly
Constuctively handle strong emotions and resolve conflicts
Critically analyze options and their effects
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Volunteers form a big part of the restorative justice process.   If you are interested in joining the program
please fill out the Volunteer Application Form and submit it to   For more information
please contact us.   Volunteer opportunities:  Facilitation & Mentorship
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July 2018 Mentor Training
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