Arrowsmith Community Justice Society
"Our Vision is a Community in Harmony"
established: 1999
Contact Information:
Telephone:      250-954-2968

Address:         727 West Island Highway
                         Parksville, BC, V9P 1B9

Email:              director @  (no spaces)
V-01 Volunteer Application PDF
V-02 Contract of Confidentiality PDF
V-03 Contract of Confidentiality- Community Reps PDF
V-04 Mileage & Expense Claim PDF
V-05 Invoice PDF
NOTE:  forms here are in .PDF format.  If you would like a copy in word  .DOCX or .DOC, please contact us at the address below.
RJ-00 Brochure PDF
RJ-01 Agreement to Participate PDF
RJ-02 Checklist PDF
RJ-03 Pre-Conference (Victim) PDF
RJ-04 Pre-Conference (Offender) PDF
RJ-05 Offender Worksheet PDF
RJ-06 Conference Script PDF
RJ-07 Conference Script - Drug Seizure PDF
RJ-08 Case Summary PDF
RJ-09 Resolution Agreement PDF
RJ-10 Community Service Log PDF
RJ-11 Conference Script - Traffic PDF
RJ-12 Telephone Pre-Conference Script - Shoplifting PDF
RJ-13 Telephone Pre-Conference Script - Drugs PDF
RJ-14 Telephone Pre-Conference Script - Traffic PDF
RJ-15 Telephone Call Guidelines PDF
T-01 Letter of Apology PDF
M-01 Brochure         PDF
M-02 Telephone Guidelines PDF
M-03 Bi-Weekly Report PDF
RA-01 Agreement to Participate PDF
RA-02 Guide to Telephone Call PDF
RA-03 Pre-Conference Checklist PDF
RA-04 School Conference Script PDF
RA-05 School Conference Resolution Agreement PDF
REFERRAL AGENT FORMS  (this form is restricted for use only by Loss Prevention Officers referrals)
RCMP 5747 Release of Information Agreement PDF