Established 22 Jan 1999
Arrowsmith Community Justice Society
"Our Vision is a Community in Harmony"
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What are the benefits of using restorative justice?

Injured Person Benefits
   - A safe place to tell the offender how the incident has affected you.
   - An opportunity to understand the offender's behaviour.
   - An opportunity to participate in the resolution on an offence.
   - An increaded possibility of receiving restitution.
   - An opportunity to experience a sense of closure regarding the offence.
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Wrongdoer Benefits
   - An opportunity to become aware of the harm suffered by the victim.
   - An opportunity to participate in the resolution of the offence.
   - An opportunity to acknowledge responsibility for the harm caused and take action to resolve and repair it.
   - An opportunity to avoid a criminal record.

Community Benefits
   - A speedy way of resolving conflicts
   - A cost effective alternative to court process
   - Increased potential of offender not reoffending
   - Creating a healthier and safer community.

Who is eligible?

   - Youth & adults who could be charged with minor offences under the criminal code of Canada
   - Those that acknowledge the essential facts of the offence and are willing to accept responsibility
   - Those willing to participate in a face-to-face meeting and will comply with the signed resolution agreement.