Established 22 Jan 1999
Arrowsmith Community Justice Society
"Our Vision is a Community in Harmony"
Contact Information:      Office Telephone:   250-954-2968
                                       Address:                 421 Pym Street North, Parksville, BC, V9P 1B9
                                       E-Mail:                 information; director; coordinator
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What is the Arrowsmith Community Justice Society?

The Arrowsmith Community Justice Society (ACJS) is a community organization whose purpose is to administer a community-based restorative justice programs which promote conferencing as a resolution and peacemaking mechanism for conflict in the community and to involve interested community citizens and resources to accomplish the above services.  The ACJS operates in British Columbia, Canada in the communities of Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Region District of Nanaimo Areas E, F, G & H.   The restorative justice programs under the ACJS umbrella include Restorative Justice (Police referral base), Restorative Action (School referral base) and Community Dispute Resolution (Community referral base).
What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice is a concept for the criminal justice system that is rapidly gaining acceptance and support throughout British Columbia and Canada.  It is an alternative to the current way of thinking about crime and criminal justice.  Restorative justice emphasizes the ways in which crime harms relationships in the context of community.  Crime is viewed as a violation of the victim and the community, not as a violation of the state.  The restorative justice model makes the person who caused harm accountable to the victim and the community.  Accountability is defined in terms of taking responsibility for their actions and working to repair the harm caused to the victim and the commuity.  It provides for immediate active participation in the process of repairing the fabric of commnity peace, by all parties involved and the community .
What is Restorative Action?

ACJS, in conjunction with the Schools in SD69, will work with the school representatives to bring a conflict between strudents to a successful conclusion.   The process will concentrate on the harms caused and reparation of the school community for all involved.  All files initiate from the School, ACJS is brought in at their request to act as neutral facilitators.  Referrals are made by the school principal or designated authority.
What is Community Dispute Resolution?

The Community Dispute Resolution process is a gathering involving concerned parties on opposite sides of a non-criminal situation.  The goal is to create a safe and respectful discussion of the conflict and form a consensus-based group agreement, which will repair the harm and damage created to provide reconcilliation for all participants.  Often a conflict can occur because there is no understanding of opposing views.  The community dispute resolution process encourages people to talk about their concerns and assist the participants to come to a mutually agreeable solution.
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