Established 22 Jan 1999
Arrowsmith Community Justice Society
"Our Vision is a Community in Harmony"
Contact Information:      Office Telephone:   250-954-2968
                                       Address:                 421 Pym Street North, Parksville, BC, V9P 1B9
                                       E-Mail:                 information; director; coordinator
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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:   I was recently a victim of a minor crime but I was not offered this process and am wondering why?

ANSWER:     There are many reasons why it wasn't offered to you which could involve the criteria not being met by the type of offence, the elibility of the offender or the offender, or their guardian, would not participate in the process.  To find out what the specific reason was, please contact out office at 250-954-2968 and talk to the coordinator.  She will look into it and talk to the police officer investigating.  It may not be to late to get you into the process.

QUESTION: If the offender withdraws from the process or does not complete their obligation, what happens to them?

ANSWER:    That depends on the timing of the withdrawal.  If early in the process the file goes back to the police to proceed with the investigation.  Once the conference, or group meeting is held, the file cannot go back to the court system.  If they withdraw at some point during the conference or do not complete the resolution as agreed to the following happens.   A letter will be sent to them informing them that they are now recorded in the police records, which can be accessed by local, provincial and national law enforcement agencies, as a person responsible for the specified offence, that they participated in the restorative justice process but failed to meet the terms of the agreement.   As a result, their future may be affected in the following ways:

1  You could be treated as a repeat offender if you commit another offense;   
2.  You may not be eligible for restorative justice in the future;    
3.  The offence referred to in the police record may be entered into evidence and be a deciding factor in charge approval if a future offence if committed; and    
4.  You may receive and "unacceptable" response on a police information check or security screening, preventing you from securing some jobs or volunteer positions in the future.